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The Honda Fit is a subcompact car that was first introduced in 2001. Originally launched in Japan as the Honda Fit Aria, it has gone through several generations and is now sold worldwide.

First Generation

  • Debuted in 2001 in Japan
  • Known for its innovative center-mounted fuel tank and "magic seats" that could fold flat or flip up for cargo space
  • Introduced to North America in 2006
  • Won the Car of the Year Japan award in 2001-2002

Second Generation

  • Introduced in 2007 with a sleeker exterior design
  • Included enhanced safety features like standard side airbags
  • Offered improved fuel economy compared to previous generation

Third Generation

  • Unveiled in 2013 with Honda's new "Exciting H Design!!!"
  • Available in both gas and hybrid models
  • Standard backup camera and Bluetooth connectivity

Why Buy OEM Honda Parts?

When you need to replace parts on your Honda Fit, buying OEM parts by your automotive brand is the best way to maintain performance. Here are some key reasons to choose genuine Honda parts and accessories:


OEM parts are made specifically for the make and model you love to drive. They are engineered to fit and function flawlessly with your vehicle.


Honda uses high-quality materials and extensive testing to ensure its parts meet strict safety standards.

Maintain Warranty

Using aftermarket parts can potentially void your Honda's factory warranty. Sticking with OEM parts protects your coverage.

Genuine Honda Fit Parts & Accessories Avilable

Here are some of the many high-quality OEM parts and accessories available for your Honda Fit:

  • Air Deflectors - Keep road debris from flying into your car
  • Alternators - Generate electricity to power your vehicle's electrical systems
  • Brake Pads - Stop your vehicle safely and reliably
  • Starters - Start your engine efficiently even in cold weather

Shop and Save on Honda Fit Parts Online

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