​5 Signs you Need Floor Mats in your Honda Fit

Some vehicle owners hesitate to buy floor mats for their Honda because they’ve had experience with a poorly-fitting mat. Floor mats that aren’t made for your vehicle can shift around while you drive or even get stuck underneath the pedals, putting you in danger. However, this isn’t a problem when you buy a mat specifically fitted to the dimensions of your Honda Fit.

Other people hesitate because they think the mats can look tacky. With off-brand floor mats, you might notice that the color can be slightly off, which makes the mats look out of place. However, official Honda dealerships should have carpeted floor mats that perfectly match the color of your Honda’s interior.

A floor mat that fits the color and shape of your Honda Fit will hardly be noticeable. When you buy a complete set of floor mats, the look is consistent and clean, and it shows off the pride you have in your vehicle. Besides, a floor mat will always look less tacky than a mud or food stain on your vehicle’s floor.

Still not sure whether you want to purchase a set of floor mats for your Honda Fit? Here are the 5 most popular reasons why vehicle owners choose to buy mats for their Honda.

1.   You want to protect your investment.

This reason is pretty obvious, but it’s true: floor mats for your Honda are a relatively inexpensive way to keep your vehicle looking clean and new. Certain stains are impossible to get out of the carpet floor, leaving permanent damage.

Meanwhile, mats are easy to remove, clean, and replace. A floor mat that is fitted to your vehicle is less likely to shift around, which lowers the chance of leaks and spills sneaking underneath the mat and staining your carpet.

Even if something stains the floor mat, buying a brand new mat is worth it compared to having permanent damage to your car’s interior. If you plan on selling your Honda Fit in a few years to upgrade to the latest model, stains will definitely hurt the resell value – far more than the cost of a new floor mat!

2.   You’re outdoorsy and like to hike, bike, etc.

Here in Sandy, Utah, we’re lucky to have so many parks and hiking trails nearby. But that also means that any time you want to go for a hike, you’ll come back with dusty shoes in the summer and muddy shoes in the winter.

Grime caked into your hiking shoes quickly ends up smudged into the floor of your Honda. That’s where a floor mat comes in handy. Rubber all-weather floor mats are especially useful for dealing with mud and snow, since they can trap dirt and are incredibly easy to wipe down.

In this case, you might also want to get a mat for the back trunk of your Fit. After a long hike in the mountains, you can change out to a fresh pair of shoes and put your dirty ones on the mat in the trunk.  

If you’ll be bringing along equipment for rock climbing, biking, or backpacking, we recommend investing in heavy duty floor mats, which last longer under added stress and weight of your gear.

3.   You live in a place with a lot of snow, rain, etc.

Mud and grime can be an annoyance to scrub out of your vehicle’s floor, which is where a reliable floor mat comes in handy. If you live in an area with snow and rain, mud stains all over the car’s floor are practically unavoidable. Even worse, you’ll have to deal with them every single time you and your friends or family go somewhere.

That’s not to mention the backache you’d get from leaning into your car to clean! Floor mats for your Fit make cleaning much easier, since you can remove them from the car and wash them in a better location. When the floor mats get dirty, simply take them out, hose them down, and leave them out to dry before putting them back in place.

4.   You have kids.

Any parent knows how messy a child can be, even if it’s on accident!

Letting your kids eat and drink in the car can quickly turn into spills and crumbs all over the floor. It only takes one careless movement to send a cup of soda or juice splattering across the floor. Juice, sticky candy, and cracker crumbs can easily set into your vehicle’s floor and become a hassle to clean.

It’s not always the kids that cause spills, either. If you pick food up from the drive thru or have a habit of eating your breakfast at the wheel, you might end up getting food stains in the carpet too. Wiping down the dashboard is easy, but scrubbing coffee from the carpet is a lot more work.

Also, if your kids are involved in any sports, floor mats also give you a safe place to put sweaty, grass-stained clothing and shoes.

5.   You have pets.

Taking your dog to the dog park for some fresh air? Your dog will certainly love the freedom to run around with the other pooches, but you won’t love the mud that gets on his paws and onto your vehicle’s floor.

Mats can also help protect your Honda’s floor from slobber, bathroom emergencies, shedding, and more.

Hair and mud on the seats is harder to prevent unless you buy seat covers too, but at least you can protect the floor. At the very least, floor mats for your Honda Fit will catch and trap some of the dirt and mud from your pup’s paws, so less gets on the seats when he does jump up.

Once you decide that floor mats are a smart approach to protecting your Honda Fit, you get to decide whether you want to go with carpet mats or rubber all-weather mats. Each type has its own unique benefits, but the important part is having something there to protect your Fit’s interior.