Taking Care of Your Honda Fit Fog Lights

Driving through thick fog is not only difficult but also dangerous. To keep drivers safe, many states require that they use their vehicles' fog lights. Discover what advantages the fog lights on your Honda Fit offer you and what signs to recognize when it is time to replace them.

What are Fog Lights?

Fog lights differ from headlights in several key ways. Unlike regular headlights, which can prove useless when used alone in conditions like thick fog, the illumination from fog lights does not bounce off water particles, dust, or other debris that might be in the air. Instead, they cut through the fog and let you see the road and objects in your path safely. Their effectiveness in part is owed to their unique wide, flat shape. This design along with being placed lower on the fender than headlights allows them to light up the road better so that you can see where you are going safely. Safety experts generally recommend that drivers choose fog lights with white or yellow light bulbs in them for the best performance and results. The light bulbs along with the actual fog lights themselves are inexpensive and can be purchased from any Honda auto parts store. Those made for the Honda Fit can last from 450 to 1000 driving hours. They typically sell for around $20 to $50. You can determine when it is time to replace the fog lights in your vehicle by learning how they wear out and what signs indicate that they no longer work well.

How Do Fog Lights Wear Out?

As noted, fog lights in the Honda Fit can last you for as long as 1000 drive time hours. This length of time varies according to how often you drive your vehicle. If you drive your Fit for hours each day, your fog lights might wear out faster than if you only drive your vehicle occasionally. Aside from this factor, however, they can also stop working correctly if they are not installed correctly. A loose connection or improper installation can prevent the lights from turning or staying on while you are driving. Likewise, poorly made fog lights are also more prone to wearing out because of their substandard manufacturing. Rather than buy universal or refurbished fog lights, you should buy new replacements from an authorized Honda parts retailer. Last, your fog lights can wear out and stop working if they are damaged in an accident. If you are in a head-on collision, a rollover car wreck, or another type of mishap, you may damage these lights. Because they are lower on the fender, they can also be damaged by flying debris like rocks or if you drive through potholes on the roadways. You can determine if it is time to put in new fog lights by paying attention to the signs your Honda Fit gives you. You should also make an effort to manually inspect these lights to decide if you should have them replaced.

How to Tell if Your Fit Fog Lights Need Replacing

Determining if the fog lights need to be replaced can be relatively simple as long as you pay attention to your vehicle. The most straightforward way to tell if they are still working is by simply standing in front of your car and looking at the lights. If they do not turn on even after you start your vehicle and turn on the lights, you can assume that they are burned out and no longer working. Likewise, if only one light comes on or if one or either light is weak, you should go ahead and replace both of them. Replacing both at the same time ensures that they both should have the same level of illumination and that they will also work for the same amount of time. Many auto parts stores that sell Honda Fit fog lights sell them in pairs rather than single lights. You should also replace the lights if one or both do not connect securely in their rightful place. Wires that are frayed or damaged or connections that are unreliable can cause the lights to malfunction sooner than later. If you notice any damaged components on the fog lights, you should take them out and put in new replacements. Despite the fact that these parts are not designed to last infinitely, you can take some simple steps to protect them and ensure their prolonged usefulness. These precautions could save you money and let you drive safely in heavy fog.

Protecting Your Honda Fit Fog Lights

The measures for keeping your fog lights safe from damage or premature wear and tear are relatively simple and low in cost. They could help you get the most use of these lights and spare you from having to buy new ones anytime soon. The first step that you can take as the owner of your vehicle involves having them installed correctly. Taking out old lights and putting in new ones can be a simple task for people who are familiar with how to work on these types of cars. If you are not an experienced mechanic, however, you should take your Fit to a professional who is licensed and trained to work on Honda vehicles and have these lights connected. Second, you should keep your fog lights clean. Keeping them free from dirt, dust, and debris allows them to work as expected and help you safely drive in adverse weather conditions. Because they are lower to the ground, they come into contact with mud and muck more often than the headlights. Use a garden hose or go through a car wash that has undercarriage washing to keep the lights clean. Finally, buy fog lights that are designed specifically for the Honda Fit. Universal or refurbished fog lights often do not work as well or last as long as lights made just for the Fit. These simple steps can help your fog lights function well and last for up to 1000 hours.